Jewellery Making & Design Education For Schools

Benefits of beading and jewellery making 

1)  Visual Perceptual Skills: Visual ,Scanning, Visual Memory: When making a pattern the child needs to use their visual memory to remember what bead to use next.  By using visual discrimination and scanning all the different beads they can select the bead that they need next to continue their pattern.Eye-Hand coordination: Threading beads onto a string involves coordination of the child’s hands, and requires their eyes and hands to work together.

2)  Fine Motor Skills: Grasping: When children are selecting their beads, they use different sized beads, this causes them to use different grasps.  When they use larger beads they use the “3-jaw chuck” grasp.  This is great for preschool children because it helps them train the muscles that they will need in school to use a pencil. When children choose small beads they increase the strength and coordination in the small hand and finger muscles.  Children also use these muscles when they pick up a bead and put it onto their beading tray and when they place it onto the beading wire to create their beading project.

3)  Cognitive Skills: Planning and Math Skills: Children develop their planning and math skills by deciding what pattern they will create. How many beads will they need?  How many beads of each colour, shape and size?  How long should the beading project be?

4)  Social Skills: Beading groups help children to interact with each other.  The children find and trade beads with each other, this promotes sharing and cooperation.  The children help each other with the design of the necklace; the first children to finish up assist the children that are a bit behind, this helps the children to work together as a team in a group setting.

CCPG offer after school clubs, lunch time clubs and bespoke in school sessions in jewellery making as reasonable prices. Contact us to discuss your needs.