Drama & Theatre Studies Education For Schools


Drama education begins naturally with learning through dramatic play. Like the other arts, it involves imagination and feelings and helps us to make sense of the world. It does this through the creation of imagined characters and situations, and the relationships and events that they encounter.

Through engagement in drama, pupils apply their imaginations and draw upon their own personal experiences. Their increasing knowledge and understanding of how the elements of drama work enables them to effectively shape, express and share their ideas, feelings and responses, making use of language, space, symbol, allegory and metaphor. Good drama teaching will result in pupils learning about dramatic form and the content it explores.

CCPG has vast experience in delivering drama and theatre studies sessions to students of all ages. We have workshops suitable for KS1 – KS5. We link our bespoke sessions into the curriculum or exam board that you follow and can tailor them to your individual needs.

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